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About Moomie

Want to bring something personal to the host of a dinner party?

Need to get someone you don't know that well a thank you gift, but have no idea what to get them?

Moomie was designed for these and many other reasons.

Our Story

We started Moomie because we were tired of not knowing what to get people for their birthdays, holidays, etc. and realized we were not alone. We decided that there needed to be a place to go where we could see what our friends and family liked and wanted. Also, we wanted to be able to get gifts for people without having to ask mutual friends, parents or assistants what they liked.

With this in mind Moomie was created to allow users to search profiles to buy a specific gift from a gift list or to be inspired by someone's list of favorites.

So create a profile, search for friends and family, and be inspired.

Happy Gift Giving!!

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